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Question 1.  Is there a fee to enter the Parade?

There is no fee to enter the parade. We do charge LATE FEES if you miss the deadline.  The Deadline for this years Parade is August 10, 2023. A $25.00 Late Fee is charged with checks payable to All Horse Parade.

Question 2.  How long is the parade and how long does it last?   

The parade is around 3 miles in length. It is a Circle Parade beginning and ending at the Delaware County Fairgrounds. The parade lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. The front of the parade is just getting back to the fairgrounds when the last unit is leaving.  

Question 3.  Where can I sit and hear the units announced?

There are four announcer stands to announce the units participating in the parade.  One stand at the beginning of the parade on Pennsylvania Ave.; a Second announcer at stand North Sandusky St. and Lincoln Ave.; and a third announcer stand is at North Sandusky Street and Central Ave. at the County Courthouse; and a fourth stand at Franklin and Winter at the Andrews House.

Question 4.     Does the parade ever cancel? 

No, it is held rain or shine. There is no rain date. The only time the parade had cancelled was due to the Pandemic and the second time at the Police Dept. request when very heavy storms were predicted with major flooding.

Question 5.   What happens if a horse is injured on the fairgrounds or on the parade route?  

We have an Ohio State University Veterinarian on the fairgrounds from 12:00 Noon to the end of the parade. A Horse Ambulance is stationed a long the Parade Route for Emergencies during the Parade

Question 6.   Are any motorized vehicles allowed?

No, this is a band and horse parade only.  No motorized vehicles are allowed. No political units are allowed.

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