Confirmation, Line Up Number, Parade Rules, Parking Position, and Parade Route are mailed out around Labor Day. The information in the packet is sent to the CONTACT PERSON and is for ALL PARTICIPANTS in the group.  It is the responsibility of the CONTACT PERSON to make the ENTIRE GROUP aware of the Rules. 

1.  All participants under 18 years old must wear helmets. (4-H Rules)
2.  Riding Double or Bareback is NOT Permitted!!
3.  No Riders/ HitchHikers may be picked up along the Parade Route. 
4.  Fifty (50) Foot spacing between units and maintain a safe distance between units. DO NOT ride up on the unit/group in front of you. MAINTAIN PROPER SPACING!
5.  No stopping to perform! All units must keep moving.  Do Not mix horses/ponies with the crowd.
6.    No throwing candy, no balloons, no sirens and/or whistles are to be used at any time. 
7.    No guns, explosives or firecrackers shall be fired at any time.
8.    Horses not under control shall be removed from the parade.
9.    All units that start the parade must finish the parade.
10.    There will be no drinking or abusive language at any time. We have many young participants.
11.    Your dogs must be on carriages, wagons or leashes. No loose dogs.
12.    Riding units with more than 8, please ride (3) three wide.
13.    No political campaigning is to be done; this is a Horse & Band Parade.
14.    NO SHORTS OR TANK TOPS!!! Dress codes will be strictly followed! Please dress to the kind of horse you are Riding or Driving,Western, English, etc.
15.    Clean animals, clean clothes & clean people are a must!
Committee reserves the Right to Refuse any unit any unit/group to participate up to and including Parade Day that does NOT COMPLY with the Rules and Regulations set forth by the Parade Committee.

Please comply with our rules of the ALL HORSE PARADE as our goal  is to have a safe parade for all Participants, animals and Spectators. 


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